Meet the SLDW

2021 - 2022 Officers

Emily Bjornber, President

Kathleen Skoczen, Vice President

Belinda Jones, Secretary

Christine Rogers, Treasurer


The Shoreline League of Democratic Women seeks membership from women who live in Branford, Guilford, Madison, Clinton, Westbrook, Old Saybrook, Old Lyme, Lyme, Essex, Centerbrook, Ivoryton, and Killingworth. The organization is involved in state and national elections. Find your political voice with the SLDW and make it heard in your community.

For more information about the Shoreline League of Democratic Women, send an email to or call 860-669-7034 or 860-399-1147. 

How to Join the SLDW!
All registered Democratic women are urged to join the SLDW to promote our valuable work in the community by becoming a member. Our aim is to inspire independent and disengaged women voters and “shine a light on women’s issues”.  Members can participate in any capacity, whether it is 30 minutes a month, or 30 minutes a year. As a part of our educational charter, members will be notified of important pending state and national legislation. For the current season, our dues will be $35.00 dollars and collected in September. To join the SLDW, please email and request the SLDW Registration Form. We urge all members to recruit your friends and like-minded women to join our organization.

To join the SLDW, please send an email to and request a registration form.

Meetings and Committees

From September until May, meetings are held the first Wednesday of the Month (unless noted otherwise) with the exception of our holiday celebration in December. The SLDW hosts many informational events and campaign-oriented endeavors during the year. Our organization is comprised of a variety of Committees including Campaigns, Publicity/PR, Membership, Programs and Events, Budget, and more. We encourage all members to consider working on a Committee. The sharing of information and collaboration among Committees and the Executive Board is key to the success of our many community projects. The Internet is utilized for the majority of our correspondence. 

Connecticut Federation of Democratic Women 

The SLDW is a chapter of the Connecticut Federation of Democratic Women (CFDW). The CFDW is a chapter of the National Federation of Democratic Women. East Hartford’s organization, Connecticut’s oldest chapter, was founded in 1952. The National Federation of Democratic Women was founded in 1922 by Fannie Dixon Welch, a suffragist who saw the need to“…train local women to understand the workings of government and to take our places side-by-side with men.


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The Importance of the SLDW

In 2005, following the 2nd defeat of an incredibly strong Democratic candidate for the 2nd Congressional seat, State Senator Joe Courtney, a group of women from the district, resolved to turn that around. Wisely, they determined that a permanent organization would not only function more efficiently as a grassroots campaign organization than a group formed for each campaign cycle. Thus The Shoreline League of Democratic Women was born. Its principles were to unite women to support and advance the principles of the Democratic Party, to encourage growth of a well-informed electorate and to promote full participation of women in every level of the Democratic Party structure. And true to the resolve of the founders, the organization turned enough votes in its member towns in the 2006 election to help secure Landslide Joe’s victory if only by 83 votes. Due to his tireless work for his district and his open door to his constituents, Courtney has continued to hold his seat by true landslide votes since then. And SLDW has proven itself to be a force and vital influence in this area.

We are proud of the role the SLDW has played in both electing Democrats and championing issues of vital interest to women and their families. If you want to join our fine organization, or If you want to check to see if you have renewed for this year, contact Kathleen Skoczen ,

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Getting involved. 

Staying involved. 

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