Welcome to the official website of the Shoreline League of Democratic Women. The organization’s charter is to establish a social and political fellowship to unite Democratic women along the Connecticut shoreline. The SLDW focuses on issues important to women of all ages. Our objectives are to:

UNITE women to support and advance the principles of the  Democratic Party

ENCOURAGE growth of a well-informed electorate

PROMOTE full participation of women in every level of the Democratic Party structure

The Shoreline League of Democratic Women seeks membership from women who live in Clinton, Madison, Guilford, Branford, Killingworth, Old Saybrook, Essex, Centerbrook, Ivoryton, Westbrook, Chester, Deep River, Old Lyme, and Lyme. The group is involved in state and national elections.


Dear SLDW Members and Friends,

When and why did you become politically active?  Perhaps you grew up in a family that was politically connected or committed to social justice issues. Or did you wake up one day (in the not too distant past) to a news headline that was simply unbearable? Most of us would love to sit back and let politics take care of itself. I know I would. 

Unfortunately, that strategy has not worked out well for most of us. We thought our mother’s generation had taken care of securing a strong future for women. Now we are looking at a Supreme Court nominee who would unravel the progress our daughters have taken for granted.  

Ladies, this is no time for the sidelines. We must be loud, proud and visible, as our grassroots campaign work is more important than ever.  A Blue Wave this election could staunch the retrograde in D.C. and prevent a similar fate in Hartford. 

We must ENGAGE VOTERS by knocking on doors, working the phones, and reaching out to our neighbors to set in motion the change we want to see in the world.  

First, start by asking your local State Rep or State Senate candidate how you can help get her (or him) over the finish line. Next, the SLDW will be sponsoring Thursday night woman-to-woman phone banks at our Shoreline Campaign Headquarters in Westbrook, Lastly, we will organize canvasses for the five Saturdays before the election. 

If you feel overwhelmed by negative headlines that deviate from even the minimum democratic standards, the remedy is simple: work on a campaign which helps up and down the ticket! The greatest resource in our democracy is YOU. Let’s get to work, because now is the time for action, not words.

Sign up for our emails at sldworg@gmail.com and check out our FACEBOOK page on a regular basis.

#ReSISTERHOOD, Solidarity, Sanity and Science,
Kathleen Skoczen, President, Shoreline League of Democratic Women


TOP ABOVE: At the Women's March in NYC!


Check out our 
2018 Program below!

The SLDW draws membership from the towns of Old Saybrook, Essex, Lyme, Old Lyme, Essex, Centerbrook, Ivoryton, Deep River, Chester, Killingworth, Westbrook, Clinton, Madison, Guilford and Branford.

For more information, email: sldworg@gmail.com

CT STATE Treasurer Keynote Speaker at SLDW Kickoff Friday Night, Sept. 21

We are honored to have Treasurer Nappier join us at the Kickoff Event. Read all about her accomplishments here on our website. We salute her many years of work and dedication to the citizens of Connecticut!

  • SLDW CAMPAIGN SEASON KICKOFF EVENT - September 21, Friday, 5:30-8:30pm, The Pavilion at Saybrook Point. CT 
Keynote Speaker
  • We will start our year with a meet and mingle event – Meet candidates, politicians, and like-minded women. Refreshments will be served. Bring a friend and venture down to one of the most beautiful venues on the shoreline – The Pavilion at Saybrook Point

  • SEPTEMBER, OCTOBER, & NOVEMBER - Let’s Get It Done!  We urge all members to get involved with your State Senate and State Representative campaigns. SLDW will be involved in canvassing, phone banking and other campaign efforts. Sign up  for more details at sldworg@gmail.com.

    There is nothing better than reaching out to our fellow female voters! Members and Supporters, please get involved. Contact us at sldworg@gmail.com. 

    Every SLDW Member is urged to help your local candidates and DTCs with GOTV. Join us at the Westbrook Headquarters. Sign up  for more details at sldworg@gmail.com.

  • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 8 - HISTORY, POLITICS and LIBATIONS - After all that campaign work, a girl needs some fun!  Join us for a little political trivia and some politically and historically inspired adult beverages as we wrap another successful election. The fun starts at 6:30pm onward at the Penny Lane Pub, Main Street, Old Saybrook. 
    Celebrate the holiday season with a trip to the lovely Florence Griswold Museum in Old Lyme.  A guided tour in this hidden gem will delight with the magic of the season.  We will then gather at the Public House for cheers! Please call 860-669-7034 to reserve your ticket at the group rate by Friday, December 7. The gathering takes place from 1pm - 4pm.

                  For more information about the SLDW and our events,           

                        call 860-669-7034 or email sldworg@gmail.com.              

Check back regularly for news and updates!


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