President's Message

At this Midterm Election cycle, Democrats face a significant challenge as we lead the way toward positive change in our world. We have all felt an impact in our lives from the economic downturns resulting from the failed policies of the previous administration in Washington, DC, unfettered greed in the corporate world, and runaway costs in our health care systems. Our current Democratic leadership in Washington is in process of continuing the changes that will aid the stabilization of so many of the problems they have inherited.  They are also paving the way for sustainable recovery, and deserve our support . We have remarkable individuals on the Democratic ticket, and they are counting on each of us to help them in their campaigns.

Throughout the months ahead, you can keep up with our activities here on our website. Or, you can sign up to our email list, and we'll send notices directly to your "in" box! (We do not share your email address with any other mailing lists.)  Please mark your calendars and plan to join us on September 1st for our Kick-off Event featuring Cynthia Blumenthal as our guest speaker.  Many of our Democratic candidates on the November ballot will also be present, giving you a chance to meet and speak with them personally.  We also have a Campaign Boot Camp on September 25th, where you can learn more about the candidates, and also learn the ins and outs of working as a volunteer on the campaign trail.  In October, we will be canvassing in our shoreline towns every Saturday, and can use your help in any and every aspect of canvassing.  There's much more ... and we invite you to make a difference.

Gloria Star, President
Shoreline League of Democratic  Women


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